Why To Choose Thour for a Memorable Vacation at Jawai Bandh?

When it comes to making your vacation memorable, it is very important that you select the destination carefully. Rajasthan is a place where thousands of tourists flock every year, there are many places and things to see in this state. From the desert to lakes, monuments, wildlife, and colorful culture, you get to see everything here. In this article, we will talk about a unique destination called Jawai and the best resort in Jawai. Lets us first dig deeper into this region that has so much to offer and you can never get bored of it.

Select Resort According to Destination

Jawai is a place that amazes you with cave-dwelling leopards, several species of migratory birds, breathtaking landscapes, tribal lifestyle, and various other activities. In this region, you get to live your dream of having an epic adventure. At locations like this to enjoy wildlife you should always opt for resorts that will enhance your experience, even more.

Thour Nature Resort is a resort property that provides you the best experience of Jawai exploration. It is not just the wildlife that you can relish here, there are various other activities and places in the nearby areas that have the potency to amaze you.

Once you come here, you find there are lots of things that you cannot see anywhere else. The resort provides you incredible services at every front, whether it is safari, stay, or any other activity that makes you tour livelier, it makes all of it possible. If you don’t believe this, then we request you to go through the following reviews.

Resort Reviews

Before selecting any resorts you should definitely check for some client reviews so that you will be sure that the place you are selecting is worth it or not and for that here are some reviews directly from google.

  • Rahul Jangid– My name is Rahul and I recently went to Jawai for a Leopard Safari. I must say that I was lucky to book my safari with Thour Nature Resort, they made my tour unforgettable. We not only saw the leopards but also birds, crocodiles, and various other animals. Thanks for the memorable wildlife safari Guys.
  • Dilip Bhanushali– It was an awesome trip and had a great experience, Leopard sighting just 15 m from Resort. It was really a homely stay. Thanks to Pankaj Swami for arranging evening and morning safaris, was a great experience and full of joy watching leopard at sunset as well as sunrise.
  • Amit Gora– The location was fabulous, good staff, tasty food. Thour provides the best experience of safari as well as a tent stay. The jeeps are comfortable, drivers are experienced and the tents are quite spacious equipped with all the facilities.

Nearby Locations

As mentioned above, there are many things to do in Jawai that can amaze you. If you plan to come here, we recommend that you make the tour for at least 2 to 3 days so you could explore the other attractions as well. Here are the places we are talking about:

  • Jawai Village– When we say village, we are talking about a place where you get to be familiar with the people of the Rabari tribe who have been living in this place for many years.
  • Devgiri Temple– Upon visiting this temple, you realize that some unknown yet mesmerizing structures exist in many places in India. It is built right in the middle of the rocks and compels you to fathom the efforts made by the artisans.
  • Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple– Situated in the Sheoganj area that lies only at the distance of 11 km, Once you come to this place, you wonder how much effort people have put to erect this structure at such overwhelming heights. It is a place that helps you give you thrilling moments while keeping the spiritual vibe high.
  • Ranakpur & Kumbhalgarh-Ranakpur is famous for its Jain temple that contains meticulous statues carved out of marble. You can get totally amazed by the beauty of this structure that lies lots of splendor in it.
  • Abhinav Mahavir Dham– Visiting this shrine is a must for people who are looking for some solitude and serenity. Once you are inside, you get mesmerized by the sheer brilliance of the architecture.

Check out the Ambiance

The ambiance is a very important factor when you are doing a leisure tour. Thour Nature Resort ensures that is amazing and exceeds the expectations of our visitors. To make this happen, we have got hold of a sprawling property that allows you to observe the surrounding area to the fullest.

The kind of space we provide is very prolific for making the tour memorable at every front. The tents are built beautifully and have ample space. Though we provide a set of activities to keep you out of the resort for hours, if someone has to spend a whole day here, they won’t get bored.

That’s because of this location of the resort which is very captivating and engages every individual with its vivid details. There are breathtaking views of Jawai that you can take from here and the sunset is unforgettable. If you are with your friends or family, then you would also enjoy the bonfire which is made more interesting with mouth-watering sizzlers and premium liquor.

Family Friendliness

Before planning a wildlife tour with your family, you might have many doubts about the resort and you are absolutely right to think that way. At Thour, we ensure that families feel safe and there is no element that makes your loved ones feel insecure. Since the tents are placed afar from each other, you don’t have to worry about privacy or social distancing at this time.

You can keep your family safe while having an exploratory trip that makes you familiar with some incredible adventures. Our staff makes every effort to give you a perfect experience and they never fail to make this happen and this is evident in the reviews above.

Thour is a place that is known for amusing its guests with nothing but the best. We do it with the most engaging activities that are covered in our safari packages. Even if you have kids, the property keeps them amazed by many activities. Once you come here, you get to feel the vibe of this place which has a very strong appeal of wildlife and solitude.

If you want to surprise your spouse or beloved, this is a perfect place to do that. We make sure that our resort could give you those precious moments that you can remember for your entire lifetime. We have been able to make this possible for every single guest and will continue doing so.


If you talk about amenities, Thour ensures that its guests always find them up to the mark. We provide best in class service that amazes people in every possible manner. From organic food to secure premises, safari, or anything else, we make everything exceptional. Our staff is committed to going above and beyond in order to satisfy our customers.

When we provide any facility we make certain that its impact lasts in our guests’ minds for a very long time. We also let them explore this region the way they want and to make it possible, we give them a perfect itinerary. What we do at Thour is totally exceptional and we focus on building memories that last a lifetime.


Without any doubt, leopard safari is the most anticipated activity for our guests. However, we emphasize making other things as exciting as a thrilling wildlife excursion tour. Guests can have a look at our organic farms and learn many things from our staff about it.

They can get familiar with an entirely different environment of wildlife that starts with an extensive range of granite hills. In the evening, our guests can enjoy the high tea at a high altitude and watch the amazing sunset.

At Thour, we make it possible for nature lovers to delve deeper into a distinct ecosystem. We allow them to get a profound understanding of the cave-dwelling big cats who have developed a harmonious relationship with humans.

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Thour nature resort can make your tour to Jawai unforgettable and we have done it for many guests in the past. Due to the pandemic, people are wary about the stay and safari facilities and we totally share their concern. Our tents and jeeps are thoroughly before and after every check-in/checkout and safari respectively. With us, you will have an unparalleled experience that no other resort in Jawai could deliver.


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