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As the impact of Covid-19 took a massive and unprecedented form, millions of people were forced to delay their travel plans unless everything goes back to normal. This is probably the most impactful catastrophic situation that our generation is seeing today. Our forefathers definitely saw worse at the time of world war, partition, emergency, etc.  Thankfully, this time we are fighting a common enemy together and hoping that we could be over this situation as soon as possible. While everyone is bound to stay home and avoid any sort of social gathering right now, it is expected that people would not just take a sigh of relief after the lockdown, but they would be celebrating the occasion with outbursts of joy.

Thinking of that, it would be really wise that you plan an adventurous tour to a wildlife spot right now so you could smoothly execute it once we get relief from the ongoing situation. Right now, we all are being advised to keep ourselves isolated and it is possible that you would like to feel that for a while even after the travel bans are nullified. Visiting wildlife is the best idea if you want to feel the adventure and also want to see an isolated place. When we talk about wildlife, it is all about leaving the hustle-bustle of cities and going to a place where you can find some recluse. And that’s why we like to visit wildlife sanctuaries and nationals parks because they give us an insight into nature.

Jawai is one such place located near the Pali district in Rajasthan that gives you a full-fledged package of wildlife, adventure, and isolation. It is a place where you can find leopards roaming about nonchalantly on high granite rocks throughout the year. Here, you get to witness an exceptional bonding between humans and big cats that you don’t see anywhere else in the world. The people of Rabari tribe have inhabited this place for years and they have been taking their livestock for grazing in the jungle knowing that there are beasts who are capable of taking the lives of their animals and themselves too. But that doesn’t stop them to venture out, they take their cattle for grazing to the forest and in so many decades, there hasn’t been a single incident of a leopard attacking the humans or animals when they are accompanied by the latter.

For seeing this wonder of nature, you have to come to this place and it is best that you start planning your tour right now. Leopards are not the only attraction here, you also get to see a multitude of migratory birds, striped hyenas, jungle cats, wolves, foxes and various other species of insects and reptiles. Furthermore, you will be mesmerized to see the scenic landscapes that comprise of granite hills, a river, and a forest. It is a destination that would be enjoyed by every thrill-seeker or people who love to observe and need some time to spend in isolation. Here, you can feel the connection with nature in a certain way and your experience can be amplified if you choose the right partner for visiting this place.

Since the popularity of Jawai is growing, the number of resorts and hotels is also increasing at a rapid pace and you need to be very careful before choosing one of them. Thour Nature Resort is one such resort property that makes a genuine effort to bring people closer to the land of Jawai. We leave no stone unturned to provide you nothing but the best and our staff knows this place so well that they never fail in making your trip engaging and thrilling. Our rangers and drivers are aware of all the spots where the possibility of spotting leopards within minutes is assured. And when it comes to making your stay comfortable, we give you first-rate glamping tents that are accoutered with all the comforts and luxury you can imagine.

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Even if traveling is not possible right now, you can certainly make plans for your next adventurous tour and make it possible very easily with us after the global battle with Covid-19 is over. We will make sure that you spend a great time with your loved ones or all by yourself. Our resort will be open from 15th September 2020 for all tourists and this is when the perfect timing for spotting leopards and other animals begins. The entire team of Thour wishes that we come out of this ordeal very soon and get a chance to serve our guests as soon as possible. Till then, we appeal to you to stay home and keep yourself safe as we are doing the same.

If you think that you will have to stay to enjoy the safari, then we’d like to let you know that we have made our packages very flexible. We have made it possible for our guests to just enjoy the safari and go back, we don’t necessitate the stay and give them what they exactly want. However, if you really want to make the most of your tour then we suggest that you stay for a day or two and explore this region to its fullest while relishing our top of the line services. We bet that you won’t feel a modicum of discomfort in our tents and to ensure that, our staff is always on four. We have made our premises fully-secured with CCTV cameras and armed guards, this ensures that no wild animal could trespass and cause panic.

When it comes to food, we outflank all the resorts in Jawai by providing 100% home-grown organic vegetables, cereals, and dairy products to our guests. We make certain that our guests could have a wholesome meal and could enjoy every moment of their trip with us. We have left no stone unturned to make that possible and our commitment makes us the most reliable choice for any individual who wants to spend some lively time with their family, friends, and colleagues. Just before a few days of lockdown, a small group visited us and they were so enthralled by our services that they happily gave us a video testimonial.

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Thour Nature Resorts

Thour Nature Resorts

Thour Nature resorts is one of the best vantage point located in the midst of granite hills of Jawai. One would surely love and find great fun in exploring this place. The picturesque and mesmerizing services of Thour Nature resorts aid onto the bliss of this place. One would surely love discovering more and more about this place. Thus, it is a destination which would excite every stranger.

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