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5 Things to Pack for Your Getaway to Jawai



Winter is coming to an end and summer is round the corner as we are approaching the month of March. There are many things that we enjoy particularly in the winter season and one of them is visiting wildlife. If you search it online, you will find that most of the national parks and sanctuaries recommend visiting in the winters because the sighting of the animals and especially the big cats get easier in this season. However, there are a few places where you can sight wild animals in any season or month of the year and Jawai is one of them.

About Jawai

It is a small region in Rajasthan that offers unique living conditions to wildlife and therefore, it becomes a special destination for nature lovers and thrill-seekers. It is a place where leopards and humans have been living in peace and in the vicinity for many years now. Jawai is a place which offers a lot for you to see, besides the wildlife, you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes with the backdrop of granite hills and a river. It also becomes an ideal destination for trekking, hiking, and various other adventurous activities that we all yearn for.

In this article, we will tell you about things that you must pack in your bag before you venture to explore this land. So let us start with the essentials:-

What to Pack? Pack right for your Indian wildlife trip:-


If you are going to visit wildlife, then this would be the first item you should keep in your bag. A binocular is with a great range of vision helps see animals from a safe distance. In Jawai, however, leopards can be seen from a proximate distance and you probably would not require this equipment. But it is still a must for you in case the beast is perched on the rock far from your jeep. It is a very helpful equipment when it comes to bird-watching, at this place, you can witness more than 100 species of migratory birds and to spot them clearly, you will surely require this equipment as many of them perch themselves on twigs in thick foliage.

Binoculars will then be very helpful to give you a clear vision of the birds and other animals too. On the shore of the river, you get to crocodiles as well and needless to mention, you cannot approach them from a close distance. With this equipment, you can see these creatures hunting birds or other animals or basking in the sun. There are various other mammals, reptiles, and insects to see in Jawai and their sighting becomes much easier when you have a binocular with you. Therefore, it becomes the first thing you should pack in your bag when you are coming to Jawai.

2.High-End DSLR or Camera Phone

No trip can be memorable unless you take cool photographs of yourself and the place you are exploring. This experience becomes even better when you have a camera with sizable zoom and other features. If you do not have a DSLR then don’t worry, even a phone with high megapixel count would work just fine and it would allow you to take some candid pictures of the animals and selfies as well. There are many vantage points in Jawai from where you can take some breathtaking photos. Jawai Dam is one such point that gives you an amazing view of the entire region, if you have a high-end DSLR or a camera phone, you would be able to take some memorable stills that can be flaunted on social media.

Jawai does not consist of dense forests so the sighting of animals becomes much easier. Moreover, you can see the leopards from a very closer distance, therefore, even if you do not have a DSLR or SLR, you can take some great photos with your phone.

3.Clothes as per the season

If you are visiting Jawai between the months of November and February, then you must be properly winter-clad. You should have jackets, lower and upper body warmers, jackets, and beanies as well. And if you are visiting this place between the months of March and April, then you need to carry a pullover or jacket that could be easily carried because you might feel a little cold in the morning and evening. The days get hotter with the passing of months and they remain this way unless the coming of fall. If you are visiting Jawai under the scorching heat of May or June, then it is recommended that you wear light-colored cotton that does not absorb more heat.


Since you are coming to a place that might take hours to explore, it is a must that you bring a sipper or thermos to carry water. With your own container, you can be sure of hygiene, otherwise, you can take the water bottle from the place you are staying but you cannot tell if the receptacle has been washed in years or not. Most of the smart hikers and trekkers carry a sipper because they know it is important to keep yourself hydrated. In Jawai, you get to visit the villages of tribes where you will definitely get more than just water but it may not suit you. In case you are hiking or trekking over the hills, then you must have potable water in a vessel that is clean and hygienic.

5.Sunscreen Lotion/Scarf/Cap

For many people, this item could on top of the lists of things to pack, that’s because when you go on a safari tour, your skin gets exposed to sun and dust too. In Jawai, safari ride is done either in the morning or evening, in the morning, it starts around 5 am and by the time you finish your tour the sun starts scorching your skin, especially if you are doing it in summer. And those who do it in the evening also get exposed to the twilight dust, thus, it is recommended to carry a scarf as well. Since there is dust, it is also advised to carry a cap to cover your hair. With these items, you can enjoy your tour without inflicting any harm on your skin or hair.


It is good to do some research about the place you are going to visit. People who want to Jawai must take these aforementioned things with them to make their safari ride or stay more enjoyable. You should also be careful before choosing the resort or tour operator and read the comments provided by their customers first. Thour Nature Resort is one of the resorts that provide a thrilling safari ride and luxurious stay along with various other activities. It is one of the service providers that are dedicated to making this region more popular among tourists eager to explore Rajasthan.

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