How to Reach Jawai Bandh by Road, Trains, and Flight?

Jawai is located in the Sumerpur Tehsil of Pali District of Rajasthan. Unlike the other famous places in the state, this particular region has not got its due credit. Jawai is the name of the river, the village situated on its shore and a dam as well. However, the area is mainly known as Jawai Dam or Bandh. Dams often become a tourist spot for people especially in the inland area where don’t get to see many water bodies.

To see a larger body of water such as river is itself a refreshing experience. But Jawai is not only known for its dam, it has much more to offer. Besides the dam, this place is also known for its multifarious wildlife with a thriving population of leopards, birds, crocodiles, hyenas, bears, and chinkara. It also hosts a range of granite hills which makes the entire area more picturesque to see. The terrain of Jawai is appropriate for camel riding, horse riding, and many other adventures sports.

Now coming back to the question, how to reach Jawai by Road, Trains, and Flight? All three major modes of transport can take you to this place. Let’s start with the most common mode of transport which can take you to Jawai from the major cities of Rajasthan such as Jaipur and Jodhpur.

By Train – Let’s have a look at the trains:-

From Jaipur to Jawai:

Train Name Departure Arrival Duration Days
Yoga Express 19032 04:25 10:13 5hr 48m 7 days/week
Jaipur-Ahmedabad Passenger 54806 05:35 15:45 10h 10m 7 days/week
Amrapur Aravali Express (PT) 19708 08:50 14:46 5h 56m 7days/week
Jaipur-Okha (Weekly) Express 19574 16:40 22:43 6h 3m Tuesday
Jammu-Delhi-Adhedabad-Bombay 9235 10:10 22:43 12h 33m Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

From Jodhpur to Jawai:

Jodhpur-KSR Bengaluru Express 16507 05:15 08:41 3h 26m Thursday, Saturday
Jodhpur-Ahmedabad Passanger 54803 08:30 13:16 4h 46m 7days/week
Ranakpur Express (PT) 14707 14:45 18:18 3h 33m 7days/week
Bhagat Ki Kothi- Bandra Terminus 19044 16:30 19:39 3h 9m Friday
Suryanagari SF Express (PT) 12479 19:00 22:03 3h 3m 7days/week
Bikaner-Bandra Terminus SF Express 22473 19:30 22:43 3h 13m Monday
Jaisalmer-Bandra Terminus SF Express 22932 23:55 03:15 3h 20m Saturday

From Delhi to Jawai:

Yoga Express 19032 22:30 10:13 11h 43m 7days/week
Jammu-Delhi-Ahmedabad-Bombay Chain 9235 04:25 22:43 18h 18m Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
SGNR Mumbai Shortest Chain 20122 22:45 22:43 23h 58m Sunday

From Ahmedabad to Jawai:

Ahmedabad-Jaipur Passanger 54805 23:30 09:28 9h 58m 7days/week
Bandra Terminus-Jaisalmer SF Express 22931 22:25 03:54 5h 29m Friday
Mumbai Bandra Terminus- Bikaner SF Express 22474 22:25 03:54 5h 29m Tuesday
Dadar Western-Ajmer SF Express 12989 22:25 03:54 5h 29m Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Suryanagari SF Express (PT) 12480 21:25 02:37 5h 12m 7days/week
Yoga Express (PT) 19031 09:55 15:59 6h 4m 7days/week
KSR Bengaluru-Jodhpur Express 16508 07:05 12:59 5h 54m Wednesday, Friday
Ahmedabad-Jodhpur Passanger 54804 06:15 14:23 8h 8m 7days/week
Bandra Terminus- Bhagat Ki Kothi Humsafar Express 19043 06:05 11:39 5h 34m Friday
Amrapur Aravali Express (PT) 19707 04:50 11:04 6h 14m 7days/week
Ranakpur Express (PT) 14708 00:15 05:24 5h 9m 7days/week

From Mumbai to Jawai:

Suryanagari SF Express (PT) 12480 13:30 02:37 13h 7m 7days/week
Dadar Wester-Ajmer SF Express 12989 14:35 03:54 13h 19m Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Mumbai Bandra Terminus-Bikaner SF Express (PT) 22474 14:35 03:54 13h 19m Tuesday
Bandra Terminus-Jaisalmer SF Express (PT) 22931 14:35 03:54 13h 19m Friday
Ranakpur Express (PT) 14708 15:05 05:24 14h 19m 7days/week
Amrapur Aravali Express (PT) 19707 20:55 11:04 14h 9m 7days/week
Bandra Terminus- Bhagat Ki Kothi Humsafar Express 19403 21:40 11:39 13h 59m Thursday
KSR Bengaluru-Jodhpur Express (Via Devanagaree) PT 16508 22:50 12:59 14h 9m Tuesday, Thursday
Banglore Jaipur Chain 794 22:50 15:59 17h 9m Sunday
Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Abu-Marwar-Jodhpur Chain 2526 19:40 14:23 18h 43m 7days/week
Pune Jaipur via ADI Chain 8375 00:45 15:59 15h 14m Sunday, Tuesday, Friday
Mumbai Jaipur Link Chain 8626 00:05 15:59 15h 54m Wednesday, Saturday
Pune-Ajmer Mail 8887 23:45 15:59 16h 14m Monday
Kolhapur-Ajmer Weekly Chain 8888 24:45 15:59 16h 14m Saturday
Trivandrum Haridwar Weekly Chain 12418 21:25 15:59 18h 34m Tuesday
Mumbai Jaipur Link Chain 14529 23:45 15:59 16h 14m Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
Shoranur Adi Exp Ali Pass Chain 13:35 09:28 19h 53m Monday
Ten Adi Ali Exp/Passanger Chain 24133 13:35 09:28 19h 53m Tuesday, Wednesday

By Air

If you want to reach Jawai by flight then you to reach the nearest airports and from there, you can a direct cab to Jawai. Here’s the list of the nearest airports to Jawai:-

how to reach jawai by flight

Udaipur Airport – 130 km

Jodhpur Airport – 170km

Ahmedabad Airport – 270 km

Jaipur Airport- 400 km

Delhi Airport – 715 km

Mumbai Airport – 797 km

From the airports, you can take either buses or a taxi which could directly take you to Jawai. There are no directs buses to Jawai from any of the major cities, but you can take buses to reach the nearby areas from where you can take a taxi to Jawai.

By Road

If you want to reach here by driving yourself, you will surely have great fun. Reaching Jawai from all the major cities of Rajasthan is quite easy. The roads are well-connected with national highways and they are excellent for a drive.

how to reach jawai by Road

Jaipur to Jawai

The approximate distance between Jaipur and Jawai is 392 km. However, it highly depends on the route you are taking. If you take the Pindwara Rd via Beawar, it would take about 6hrs 30mins (389.9 km). You can also take NH58 which elongates the distance a bit a would take 7hrs 15mins (392.6 km). Another route is NH48 which is the longest and takes about 8hrs 33mins (459.3 km).

Jodhpur to Jawai

The approximate distance between Jodhpur and Jawai is 229 km. It would take about 2 hours 42 min via NH62 covering the distance of 156.5 km through this route. Starting your journey from Jodhpur, you will be going through Rohat, Pali, Falna, and Sumerpur.

Udaipur to Jawai

The distance between Udaipur and Jawai is around 130 km. It will take you 2hr 36min (121.3 km) via NH27. From Udaipur, you will have to go through Sukher, Gogunda, Pindwara, and, Nana to finally reach Jawai Dam.

Mount Abu to Jawai

The distance between Mount Abu and Jawai is approximately 87 km. However, via NH27, you would be covering a distance of 100.2 km in 2hrs 18mins.

Mumbai to Jawai

You will get any direct bus from Mumbai to Jawai, so you can come to Jaipur or any of the cities mentioned above and head towards Jawai with a private bus or taxi.

Ahmedabad to Jawai

There are ample trains from Ahmedabad to Jawai and flights are available to Jaipur and some other cities. So you can first arrive to these cities and then take a bus or taxi to Jawai.

Delhi to Jawai

You can first arrive at Jaipur or any other major city of Rajasthan as they all are connected very well with Jawai, several bus and taxi services are available.

Final Words:

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