How Do Jawai Leopards Hunt for Food?

Leopards are one of the most agile species of the big cat family and they are found in various sub-species as well. The Indian Leopards has always been an interesting subject for many conservationists across the globe. Jawai Leopards are one step ahead as they live in proximity with humans and their controlled behavior has amazed a lot of people who have seen other species of leopards in different parts of the world.

Something About Jawai Bandh Rajasthan

Jawai, a region located near the Pali district in Rajasthan is the best example of what we are talking about. Here, leopards can be easily tracked because they roam around in nonchalance, completely ignoring the humans around them. According to the learned experts, leopards do not really hunt on humans unless they run out of other animals. And when it comes to Indian leopards, they prefer beings that look smaller in size.

They mostly prey on monkeys, dogs, calves, deers and all types of games. They also prey on cattle when they are out for grazing but most of the times, it is the wild animals that they feel comfortable preying. Leopards are lighter in weight as compared to tigers and lions, so they easily climb on trees and cross territories without getting noticed. It also helps them survive because in India, forests are dense and it could be hard sometimes looking for food.

But in a place like Jawai, where the wildlife offers many other animals including wild boars, jackals, bears, hyenas, deers, bovines, and games, they don’t really have to move to other place or hunt humans. There is a particular trait of hunting in leopards and it is very interesting when you notice them accomplish it. In Jawai, you can see them from the very beginning when they take a look of the entire area and zero in on the place where they will hunt.

How Do Jawai Leopards Hunt for Food?

There is not a single incident reported in Jawai when the leopards have attacked human beings. Isn’t it exciting where you can experience such a strong between these big cats and local people. Now you must be wondering how do Jawai leopards hunt for food? Wait!Wait!Wait! since it is interesting beyond your expectations.

We can divide the whole process of hunting by leopards into various phases which is followed by all leopards due to their natural habitat. Such phases or actions of leopards are as follows

  • Phase One: In the morning time, Jawai Leopards sit on the granite rocks and generally does not hunt. In the morning time, they just energize themselves to make them ready for hunting.

  • Phase Two: In the evening time, they set their target for the day by observing their surroundings thoroughly. It is believed that leopards are more efficient in preying as compared to tigers and other big cats. Generally, leopards prey on monkeys, calves and deers etc.

  • Phase Three: During the dusk, leopard will be all ready to hunt for their food. They would come down from the hills to attack. It is a general habit of leopards that they will first drinking water before hunting to keep them hydrated.

  • Phase Four: This would be the time of the attack which will be done at the night time after sunset. They will attack their prey and take them to the hill or their cave to enjoy their meal of the day.

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Watch this video to witness how leopards target their prey.


Interesting facts about Jawai Leopards:

Leopards have a well-formed tail, strong legs, and broad muzzle, its skin is spotted with brown patches. With all these features, they are very strong and agile at the same time, they are also very patient when it comes to pursuing prey. The best thing about this species is they are adaptable, light-weight and good swimmers as well.

With a stealthy style of the hunt, leopards have a better success ratio compared to the other big cats. All the physical attributes and behavior make them a trained hunter since they can climb trees, they are also hard to find and are very good at using camouflage. They can survive in dense forests, rocks and in places with human vicinity.

In Jawai, leopards have been thriving for years now and there hasn’t been a single attack on human reported so far. On the contrary, people have found these big cats to be very cognitive and aware of the human presence. Leopards like to live a solitary life and Jawai becomes the best place where there is no dearth of food, water, and efforts for their conservation.

Final Words

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