Jawai Jungle Safari – A Land of Leopards and Humans

In a jungle safari, you only expect animals, and human settlements are located far from it usually. But in Jawai, it is different, here, you get to see a harmonious bond of humans and leopards that cannot be seen elsewhere. Doing a jungle safari in the Jawai bandh is an unparalleled experience that you cannot get anywhere else. At this place, you see that these stealthy and solitary creatures have become very familiar with the human presence, so much so that it does not matter to them if a human being is crossing their path.

How has Jawai established this bond between humans and leopards?

According to experts, leopards came here from the other wildlife reserves here found a perfect shelter around a couple of decades back. Here, they didn’t have to worry about the tigers driving them out of the jungle or the scavengers like hyenas or wild dogs that pestered them frequently. They got a wide range of hills with several caves in them and there is ample food in nearby forests. Leopards are known for their adaptability and this is the reason they most widely dispersed species of the big cats. It did not take them very long to get acquainted with the rocky hills of Jawai, the river provided the water and a large number of wild animals here are easy prey for them.

If we talk about the human settlements, the locals dwelling here are the people of the Rabari tribe who are known for their nomadic lifestyle. However, they have made Jawai their permanent residence and depend on farming, production of dairy products, pottery, and cattle rearing for their survival. If you come here and see them live, you would notice that they are very happy with their lives and enjoy the time with their cattle. They have also constructed a few temples in the hills of Jawai which are visited by humans and leopards both. If you look at the leopards with their perspective, you will find this species even more mesmerizing at every front.

How can I get the insight into this wonderful place?

The best way to do that is to book a safari from a reliable provider and when we say it is not just the leopard safari that you need, you have to do village safari to see how close these people are to the animals. You would see that they have developed a close bond with all the animals living in this region and the existence of the latter does not bother the former. In fact, they blessed with the presence of so many animals around them, it is wonderful to see the people of Rabari tribe embracing nature to the fullest.

People like us who are used to comforts of urban living cannot even think of coming this close to the wilderness and embrace its raw disposition. That’s the reason, we seek to stay in glamping tents so there is absolutely no compromise in comfort even when we want to feel the wildlife around us. When you are planning a trip to Jawai, you need to make sure that you do it with someone who is acquainted with this place. You need to specifically look for a village safari in which you get to see the artifacts made by these people.

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You would be surprised to know that the people of the Rabari tribe are very good at pottery besides farming and various other activities. If you visit them, you get to relish the authentic hospitality, you see how much they value people visiting them. And they don’t charge you anything for all this, they are simply happy to serve you as their guests. They are the people whom you call ‘down to earth’ and they take it very seriously, they show you their beautiful hamlet which is full of life and joy. With them, you get to the human side of Jawai which is as appealing as the wild one.

Can I visit Jawai right now?

After the outbreak of Covid-19, all the tourism activities were shut down for a couple of months and a lot of places are still closed so the crowd-gathering could be avoided. However, the government of Rajasthan has opened the national parks and sanctuaries along with hotels and resorts so people could come back to normalcy while taking all the precautions. If you plan your tour with Thour Nature Resort, you get 100% assurance of safety because we are following all the covid-related guidelines. Our jeeps are sanitized before and after every ride and the same thing happens with the tents as well.

Every member of the staff wears a mask and sanitize their hands from time to time. The food that we provide is 100% organic and that is also sanitized before the cooking. We ensure that our guests have a safe experience of visiting wildlife and enjoy their stay with safe environs. For assuring that, we make every possible effort and deliver a peerless tour to our guest. When it comes to making the safari thrilling, we work with a network of drivers who are dispersed in different areas of Jawai. Whoever gets a glimpse of the leopard informs the others the jeeps arrive at that spot in no time.

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Thour Nature Resort ensures that you have a safe visit with your family and make the most of your time very easily. Our staff is dedicated to making your visit memorable and they go to any extent to make this possible. We make sure that you could see the harmony between the humans and leopards here, we make sure that you could go to places from where the beauty of this place could be captured in the camera as well. From the Jawai dam to the prominent temples in this region, we take you to all those places and ensure that you could feel the vibe of Jawai within you.


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