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So the question is, why should you even look for the best leopard safari provider in Jawai Rajasthan India? Why should you choose this place over the other popular wildlife destination in this state and country? This blog will provide you answers to all those questions and will ensure that you get to see the significance of this place. Jawai is a place where you get to see a different side of wildlife in India, here, you don’t have to wander in the dense forests for hours to get a glimpse of the beasts. Within a few minutes of starting your tour, you get to see the leopards roaming about the rocky hills and this terrain makes this different from the rest of wildlife reserves in India.

India has dense forests, you don’t see the vast plains like they are in Africa, here, you the biodiversity lies in the co-existence of flora and fauna. But Jawai is an exception and is probably one of the few places in the world where you get to see big cats in a different habitat. You can see cave-dwelling leopards here who will not just entertain you but they will let you observe themselves closely. Here, you can see nature going with a different rhythm that brings so much harmony in the entire environment.

When you are in Jawai, you don’t have to look for adventure, the adventure comes to you in the most exciting manner and you just need to be ready for it. And that’s why you need a reliable leopard safari provider that could show the true picture of this place and could take you all the places where you can see how all the different species have been living in the vicinity with the humans here. That’s right, it is also one of the places where you get to see the co-existence of humans and leopards in an environment that you have never seen before.

Jawai is a shining example of humans and leopards living on the same terrain, the shepherds bring their cattle daily in the morning and take every single one of them back. The leopards have never attacked any human here, moreover, they don’t even attack the animals when they have the company of the latter. The leopards are so familiar with the human that they even come to the hill temples in this region which are also frequented by the local tribes here. The people of the local tribe believe that the beasts are guards of their local deity and if you see the behavior of leopards, you may very well believe the legend.

That’s not all, Jawai is also a paradise for bird-watchers, you get to more than 100 species of migratory birds here. Most of them can be seen between the months of October and March, but you won’t get utterly disappointed even if you visit in any other month. There are plenty of species that wander this terrain perennially and you can capture them very easily in your camera. If bird-watching is not your thing, you can see crocodiles hunting them at the shore of the Jawai river. That’s right, you can watch these predators in action here and also get to watch some rare species of insects and other reptiles.

When there are leopards around, you will also find other animals that it can hunt. You can see nilgai, wild dogs, foxes, wolves, langurs, jungle cats, sloth bears, etc. Since the early morning till late night, leopards can be easily spotted on the rocky hills of Jawai, post the twilight, the predators start to descend in the jungle area for finding food. You can do the safari both in the morning and the evening to see these beasts roaming about, surveying the area and playing with their mates. Usually, leopards are solitary beings but here, due to the proximity of hills, you can see them lurking around in groups.

One more thing that makes Jawai a perfect destination for watching leopards is the fact that they are apex predators in this area. In most of the national parks and sanctuaries of India, tigers are the apex predators and leopards are forced to live like the deprived members of the jungle. Mostly they are found on some branch of the tree because they fear getting hunted by tigers and packs of hyenas and wild dogs. Because of that reason, they even take their kill along with them on the branch and secure their food from other scavenging carnivores.

In Jawai, leopards have got an ideal environment to live, plenty of food and they also live in packs here. They are strong and at the top of the food chain, they have no fear of being driven out by larger cats. All these reasons have led the population of leopards to rise rapidly, they are the king of the jungle and have built a harmonious relationship with humans. That makes Jawai a perfect destination for people who want to see the agility and stealthy nature of these solitary beings. Tigers and lions are definitely bigger in size and splendid, but leopards have some special features in their body that makes them a distinct big cat.

When you come to Jawai, there are plenty of things that you can do, apart from seeing wildlife, you can engage in some adventurous activities such as mountain biking, hiking, camel or horse riding, etc. You can also visit the village nearby and see how the people of the Rabari tribe live their lives. They are people who have truly embraced the wildlife and have started living it, by seeing them, you get an idea of how the primitive humans might have lived. Moreover, they have no given up their rural lifestyle and get jobs in cities, they are happy with what they have and that feeling of contentment is unusual for urban people that can’t be satisfied with anything.

Jawai gives you a chance to see a different side of Indian wildlife and it gives you a perfectly isolated environment as well. At this time, visiting wildlife is surely not the first thing that you want to do but if you have been yearning for some adventure and haven’t been able to do it because of the lockdown, you can do it right now with Thour Nature Resort. We are making sure that you could see the wildlife while keeping yourself safe, our jeeps, tents and the entire area is sanitized from time to time. Social distancing is maintained in the safari tours and we are giving some amazing deals to encourage people to do our safari.

If you have got fed up with staying at home and want to do something adventurous, then Thour Nature Resorts is making it possible without coming in contact with any other person. Have a perfectly isolated and thrilling wildlife tour with us at a very cheap price right now.

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